Battle of the Octogenarians.

17 03 2007

Just this morning a young teenager went with his parents to a tearoom in London. The tearoom at that point held more than 300 Octogenarians enjoying a nice Cream tea with their Friends. The teenager who also had cream tea made the mistake of asking “Is it the Jam or the Cream that goes on first?” At this point hundreds of the toothless zombies stormed over to tell the boy what should be done, however not all the granny’s agreed and they started to argue. There were 125 Jam first’s against a mighty 200 cream first’s. Insults such as “You jam spreading person you!” and “Creams for people who like cream” after this nothing more could be done to stop the fight from escalating into chaos, In total 0 people were hurt and 225 fell over trying to swing thier handbags. More on that story later

Angry Granny




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