Dispute Between Video Game Actors.

17 03 2007

This week, Marcus Fenix, Most famous for his role in the recent “Gears of War” got angry at his fellow Locust co-workers and took a chainsaw too them in an attempt to calm himself. At the trial last Sunday he said “I swear one of em’ looked at me out of the corner of their eye”. The defence then turned it around and asked Marcus “Oh really? Well my client (Although unable to attend this hearing due to obssesive compulsive death disorder) had friends and his friends tell me that at one point earlier during the day you muttered something under your breath which aggregated the victi of this attack to look at Marcus here out of the corner of his eye.” With that Marcus was scentenced twenty years in jail for the major charge of muttering and given one weeks community service for greivious bodily Harm. A new Marcus Fenix is being searched for so all of you who have dreamed of being a beefed out videogame character with a gravely voice and a chainsaw, apply now!





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