Green Beans

18 03 2007

Green beans are not actually green say experts. They are in fact dark green indicating a coulour sense of a colour blind person. They all went on strike in 1992 claiming they were not just to be eaten. The 78.5 million beans arrived outside the houses of parliment and demanded that the PM talk to the revelutionary leader. A few minutes later the PM emerged announcing all had “bean” resolved whilst licking his lips. “Were not so useless any more” claimed one fanatic who was quickly taken away by police for not being a useless vegetable. The head beans were never seen again however and some evil fanatics plotted the bean chauder plot to revenge upon the PM. The plot failed miserably when chemists pointed out that bean chauder, though ironic, could not actually explode. The beans were later arrested for crimes against the PM and were eaten after the cookery trial.




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