HD TV is worse than TV!

18 03 2007

The high definition TV fad was stopped in its tracks last week when one woman asked why it looked exactly the same at a demonstration in Currys. The spokesman fo HD TV said it has “better quality of image” but was quickly stopped again by a small girl who pointed out there was actually no difference in what you see. “If you wan’t Deal or No Deal you get Deal or No Deal” she said, the spokesman countered that it would look a lot better however the girl countered that now she could see every disgusting pimple the man had and had to be rushed to hospital out of shock. The spokesman then showed a video of flowers and exotic jungle but viewers saw the bacteria crawling around all over the foliage and many more fainted with no-one in the crowd failing to be sick. The HD TV companies were quickly shut down and the spokesman was fired. The only upside to this is that Currys now has an authentic curried floor.




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