Teenager Cleans Room on Own Initiative

27 10 2008

Mr and Mrs Moore were stunned yesterday when their 16 year old son started cleaning his room without any parental prompting or persistent nagging.

Mrs Moore commented “It was getting a bit messy and I was thinking of getting him to clean it but when I finally went to ask, the room was spotless”.

The father of the teen then promptly called the family’s GP who went on to refer them to Dr. Peter Grandel, a psychologist who specialises in teen behaviour. He said “This is an unseen behavioural trait, teenage boys should be reluctant to lift a finger to do anything that detracts from their own enjoyment.”

The diagnosis was completed last night and the teen in question was commited to St. James Hospital to recieve a week long course of therapy and shock treatment to revert the boy’s behaviour to that of a normal teenage rebel.




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