New 100% Carbon Neutral Transport!!

31 10 2008

Yes that’s right, for just £0 you too can have yourself a pair of feet that will carry you from place to place with ease and no worries about the environment because feet run on YOU-power.


Microsoft Werd

31 03 2007


Microsoft today spoken on da nu-est product of da yeer. Microsoft Werd is da coolest ding in da heezy. Werd.

In response to the letter editing sofware (that uses all sorts of slang compiled by slangologist Oma G. Od) thousands of rappers and other misspelt people are flocking to stores across the country to shoplift, con and gun-rob their way into owning this quality piece of software.

Travel Cases for Travelling Cats

18 03 2007

The new inovation has come out for the humble household cat. The cat-o-matic-travel-pack can carry almost any cat safely and securely for any plane journey. Going throught security is no problem as the man seeing the x-ray image will believe he is going nuts and won’t tell anybody. In the unlikely event you do get stopped you can point out there is no rule disallowing cat skeleons on planes. As the case is closed a special anasthetic makes the cat go to sleep ensuring that as you open the case they will be fine and dandy. Don’t let the cat out the bag to security though as they will let the cat out the bag.