New 100% Carbon Neutral Transport!!

31 10 2008

Yes that’s right, for just £0 you too can have yourself a pair of feet that will carry you from place to place with ease and no worries about the environment because feet run on YOU-power.


I’ll put you out of your misery

31 10 2008

I was swearing incoherently because of this…It isn’t me in case you are clinically insane and beleive that your ironing board would be good as a lavatory.

A Question which has been plaguing me for a long time…

31 10 2008

Oh $£1^, Oh £%)*

31 10 2008

I bet you really want to know what I’m saying that for now.


4 02 2008


Evil bunny rabbit

 If this rabbit is seen you must do your best to rid the world of its evil ways. The best method as determined by prehistoric medicine men brought back using a catastrophic amount of stem cells is to throw celery at it until it gets too distracted and just has to eat it. Finally call our team on 0800-BUNNYEATINGMYKID! and they will take it away.

Dogs start climbing trees?

31 05 2007

A dog climbing a tree, DUH!

To many cats’ dismay, many dogs worldwide have started climbing trees. The usual cat defence of running up a tree, hissing and watching the offending canine walk away is at risk. The defence will instead become more of a lengthy detour.

The cat community has decided to take offensive action against poodle piranahs association. Feline researchers are now looking into teaching cats to bark.

Druggies Halucinate!

4 05 2007

No suprise there then.