Teenager Cleans Room on Own Initiative

27 10 2008

Mr and Mrs Moore were stunned yesterday when their 16 year old son started cleaning his room without any parental prompting or persistent nagging.

Mrs Moore commented “It was getting a bit messy and I was thinking of getting him to clean it but when I finally went to ask, the room was spotless”.

The father of the teen then promptly called the family’s GP who went on to refer them to Dr. Peter Grandel, a psychologist who specialises in teen behaviour. He said “This is an unseen behavioural trait, teenage boys should be reluctant to lift a finger to do anything that detracts from their own enjoyment.”

The diagnosis was completed last night and the teen in question was commited to St. James Hospital to recieve a week long course of therapy and shock treatment to revert the boy’s behaviour to that of a normal teenage rebel.


Bush’s dark side revealed

22 08 2008

Today the world was shocked when President bush of the USA was discovered to be an avid felinarian (eats nothing but cats). When confronted with the issue Bush simply said “The white ones taste nicest.” and walked away. Gordon Brown says that until such actions are suspended he will not be allies with America.

Nutcase Studios returns

21 08 2008

Due to the lack of activity on the blog we thought we’d attract some traffic with pictures of kittens.

A kitten

Alternatively not all people are into kittens and think they are the scum of the universe even if they are very cute so here is a picture of the evil evil cat attacking an innocent dog.

Evil cat attacking innocent dog


4 02 2008

The government has today sent out this urgent message to the world!

Boys are stupid throw rocks at them

 They’ve officially made it legal to beat kids.


4 02 2008


Evil bunny rabbit

 If this rabbit is seen you must do your best to rid the world of its evil ways. The best method as determined by prehistoric medicine men brought back using a catastrophic amount of stem cells is to throw celery at it until it gets too distracted and just has to eat it. Finally call our team on 0800-BUNNYEATINGMYKID! and they will take it away.

War May Affect Health.

31 05 2007

This is the findings of a number of NHS researchers who recently discovered that bulltets, grenades and other implements of war may negatively affect your health. Chief researcher Vim Toe said this morning: “War has always been seen as something that just seems to happen,” he said “but now it is seen as painful and in some cases fatal”.

The research stated through a number of lengthy scientificy essays that on average 65% of soldiers get wounded in a war and 24% die*.

As a result of this the recruiting office has seen a sharp decrease in enlistment although many people still hold the hope that it is not them who will bite the bullet.

*Statistics may not be true

Turtle War

31 05 2007

It has been discovered last week by tortoise analysers that there has in fact been a war between two turtle factions for the past 163 years. Fortunately no deaths have so far occurred as a result of the war as neither of the factions has ever met. This will probably be the case for the next 32 years… but moving turtles backwards will slow their progress significantly.